Future plan

Future Plan

  1. Conducting intensive fieldwork for language and cultural documentation in West Bengal, Tripura, Orrisa, Jharkhand & Bihar.
  2. Productizing language descriptions, map, tools, reports, primer and other resources.
  3. Research and Development of NLP focused on marginal languages.
  4. Video documentation and documentary production.
  5. Linguistic data validation from language experts.
  6. Community based workshops and socio-cultural reporting.
  7. To develop a language endangerment alarm to sensitize the society and speech communities.
  8. Studies on socio-economic status of marginal linguistic communities.
  9. Workshops with representatives of communities.
  10. Uploading Apps on various platforms for free download.

Long term Plan

  1. To setup a full-fledged interdisciplinary centre for marginal languages and cultural study.
  2. To setup a National Folklore Museum and online archive for the same.
  3. To develop academics and introduce various level of courses.
  4. To preserve linguistic and cultural diversity of the country.
  5. To assist in policy making for country and states.
  6. To develop various NLP systems for marginal languages or pairs.
  7. To explore Digital India in regional languages.
  8. To setup an online Language Information Hub for regional languages.
  9. To develop language learning tools and language games for cross-linguistic communities etc.